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Garden City Ammonia Program (GCAP) is known for their first class hands on technical training around the world.

GCAP Boilers  Lab

GCAP’s four divisions:

GCAP hands on training school started in 2003 for a need of highly trained technical crafts in a private educational institute.  Randy Williams, founder and president of GCAP continued on his dream in 2008 with the first hands-on boiler training class.  GCAP is recognized across the world for the training techniques and equipment.

Mr. Williams believes that the implementation of an effective training program is one of the most important steps that an employer can take to enhance employee safety.  Accordingly, best practices requires that each employee presently involved in operating a process or a newly assigned process must be trained in an overview of the process and in its operating procedures. We are here to help you understand the training & competencies requirements for operators.

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